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Saturday 06 September, 2014

Go Bold with 275 Glam Sofa by Vibieffe

What makes sectional or modular seating so appealing is its constantly evolving nature. Unlike traditional sofas, sectionals adapt to spaces, evolve with ever-changing needs, and they can be arranged and rearranged to create the perfect living and relaxation spaces. The same can be said of the 275 Glam Sofa. It is a contemporary seating solution […]

Thursday 04 September, 2014

The Sophisticated Girit Corner Sofa by Yagmur

Make the most of your seating potential with the Girit Corner Sofa. It is upholstered in a luxurious cover and paired with super-comfy throw cushions for ultimate comfort. It also comes with an attached chaise lounge. The sofa looks good in large living rooms and in the corners of small living spaces. It is perfect […]

Wednesday 03 September, 2014

The Cordoba Sofa by Della Robbia: Redefining Living Rooms

When it comes to adding glamour and spirited flair to living spaces, few furniture pieces can compare to the sectional sofa. Contemporary, comfortable, and casual, sectionals can brighten up interiors, add a touch of elegance, and adapt easily to both large and small spaces. This is the same versatility espoused by the Cordoba Sofa. It […]

Tuesday 02 September, 2014

Supreme Comfort: Amber Sofa by Schillig

Without a doubt, this elegant sofa will be the focal point of your space. Its plush leather upholstery and lovely cushioning take center stage. Its generously proportioned seat ensures maximum comfort while its black wood legs complete its beautiful look. Surprisingly comfortable, Amber is made in soft leather and embraces your body without being bulky. […]

Sunday 31 August, 2014

Add Exclusivity to Interiors with the Alyon Sofa by Pininfarina

Pininfarina is synonymous with luxury, design, and exclusivity. It is in a class of its own when it comes to contemporary furniture design. Each of its creations is enveloped in an unmistakable flair of elegance, innovation, and functionality. These excellent qualities feature in the Alyon Sofa. Alyon is more than a sofa; it is a […]

Thursday 28 August, 2014

Glamorous Seating: Two Lovers Sofa by Paulo Antunes

Loveseats, also referred to as 2-seater sofas, have made a big comeback recently. They have been interpreted by designers in different ways. Portuguese furniture brand Paulo Antunes has kept the concept classical but added a twist in the shape. Two Lovers has sturdy metal legs comprised of three circular elements. It has a simple look […]

Wednesday 27 August, 2014

The Island Outdoor Sofa by Oi Side: Infusing Tranquility to Exteriors

In interior d탩cor, Zen-inspired furniture is a reflection of balance, relaxation, and harmony. This design concept is characterized by pure lines and simplicity which create an atmosphere that alleviates the stresses of daily living. The Island Outdoor Sofa redefines modern minimalism with its effortless construction, inherent stillness, and unpretentious look. It is a perfect piece […]

Monday 25 August, 2014

Irradiate Your Space with Airball Sofa Light by Plust

Although many designers cherish the tasteful and flamboyant influences of mid-century d탩cor, many others are deriving their inspiration from the future. Futuristic d탩cor combines technology, functionality and an element of art to create furniture pieces that not only light up spaces but also give off a strikingly ultramodern vibe. In creating Airball Sofa Light for […]

Wednesday 20 August, 2014

The Ultramodern Reef Sofa by Oliver B Group

Sectional seats became increasingly popular at the end of the 20th century. They emphasize minimalism and flaunt solid geometric shapes. Their versatility and continuity is unmatched as they tend to emulate different furniture pieces. They complete contemporary living rooms beautifully. Modular sofas like the Reef Sofa often comprise similar or disparate modular units that can […]

Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Adorn Spaces with the Viceversa Sofa by Erba Italia

The chaise lounge is an iconic and timeless piece of furniture. Originating from the Gregorian era, this seating solution has evolved and transitioned into modern styles that bring a luxury that transcends time. Even with its evolution into contemporary design, the concept of the chaise lounge remains unchanged. It is still a long reclining chair […]