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Tuesday 08 May, 2012

Centro Infantil del Mercado by Miquel Mariné Núñez and César Rueda Boné

Slideshow: Spanish architects Miquel Mariné Núí±ez and César Rueda Boné have transformed an abandoned market hall in Aragon into a children’s centre with a slide connecting its floors.

Friday 19 March, 2010

A Barcode That Recedes With a Veggie’s Freshness

Walking through the produce aisle shouldn’t be as mysterious as the ingredients on the back of a bag of Cheetos, but sometimes picking out fresh produce can be a befuddling task even for the most seasoned herbivore. Fresh Code, by designers Sisi Yuan, Yiwu Qiu, Lei Zhao, Qiulei Huang, Lijun Zhang & Weihang Shu is […]