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Friday 20 April, 2012

‘Latest Works’ Lecture by Manuel Aires Mateus at MIT

House in Aroeira / Courtesy of Mateus e Associados Manuel Aires Mateus of Aires Mateus e Associados will be giving a lecture at MIT featuring ‘Latest Works’. The projects of Aires Mateus e Associados are characterised by materiality, mass and an essential muteness or quietness. The Paulo Gomes Archeological Center, Casa Areia and Furnas Monitoring […]

Tuesday 03 April, 2012

‘Evolved to Fit: Biomimicry in the Built World’ Lecture by Janine Benyus at MIT

© Cook + Fox Architects, screen design drawn from Janine Benyus' research on biomimicry

Saturday 07 May, 2011

Modern Soft Rocker Lounger Charges & Relaxes At the Same Time

Designed by architecture students at MIT, the Soft Rocker is a modern outdoor lounger that offers you a nice relaxing seating solution while making sure that it can also provide a free charging solution for all your mobile gadgets. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, or any other device for that matter, […]

Monday 21 March, 2011

FAST Light at MIT

Courtesy of Skylar Tibbits The FAST Light festival of art, science and technology celebrates MIT’s culture of creativity and invention. Beginning in February installations, pavilions and artwork have transformed the campus continuing thru May.  Installations demonstrate how the tools of ‘technology, invention and fantasy can transform the physical environment in thought-provoking, breathtaking ways.’

Friday 04 March, 2011

ArchDaily at the GSD / Borderless: Design and digital platforms

The role of the editor, the index of a more and more multidimensional society, the democratization of media, the use of media to create design and collaborative practices. Next Tuesday (March 8th) at 12:30PM we will be participating at the Borderless: Design and digital platforms panel at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, with the […]

Tuesday 16 February, 2010

MIT Developing Body Heat-Powered Electronics

It’s a lot easier to change the batteries in a flashlight than to switch out the batteries in, say, a biomedical monitor. But eventually, such batteries might never have to be changed thanks to a new breed of heat-harvesting electronics developed by researchers at MIT.

Tuesday 07 April, 2009

MIT Develops Virus-Powered Car Battery

Battery technology is looking brighter (and more futuristic) than ever as researchers at MIT recently announced they have successfully engineered viruses to build both the positively and negatively charged ends of a lithium-ion battery. These virus-built batteries can be created cheaply using an environmentally benign process, tout the same energy capacity as state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries, […]

Tuesday 24 February, 2009

GreenWheel Gives any Bicycle an Electric Boost

Researchers at MIT recently revealed an elegant solution for anyone looking to get a little more power out of their bicycle. Developed by MIT’s Smart Cities programs, the GreenWheel is a self-contained electric wheel that can turn any pedal-powered bike into a fully-electric bicycle!