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Wednesday 17 December, 2008

Après le Déluge, What Kind of Housing?

Harrison Pitt Architects, larger image here UK Insurance company Norwich Union held a design competition to \”see how architects would tackle the problem of building on flood plains in a liveable, workable and insurable way.\” Now perhaps Rule One might be that you don\’t build on flood plains, but if you have to build single […]

Thursday 01 January, 1970

The Pierre: A Breathtaking Hideaway Tucked in a Cluster of Rocks

The Pierre is a breathtaking home tucked away in the cluster of rocks it was named after (“Pierre” means “Stone” in French). Olson Kundig Architects designed the hideaway for the owner, who was inspired by the lovely views from the property of the archipelago of the San Juan Islands. The bunker-like villa was built using […]