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Monday 24 May, 2010

14 Cute and Inspiring Nursery Arrangements

<img src=" Cute and Inspiring Nursery Arrangements\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” /> We try to gather up a lot of information on Freshome that will help our readers with the beautiful but challenging “art” of being a parent. Here is something we hope will inspire you. Today’s post features 14 sweet nurseries , each with its own […]

Friday 21 May, 2010

Ultra Slim Radiators, Style and Functionality

<img src=" Slim Radiators, Style and Functionality\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” /> We ran across another design lately that we happened to see exhibited at Milan. So far, it was not clear to us exactly what this item was or who designed it, but we recently found the information we needed. In the first picture you have […]

Friday 21 May, 2010

Beautiful and Spacious Rustic Home in Chile

<img src=" and Spacious Rustic Home in Chile\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” /> Integrated in a breathtaking natural landscape in Ocoa, Chile, “Casa La Campana” comes from architects Alejandro Dumay Claro and Francisco Vergara Arthur. The challenge of the project was to emphasize on the indoor-outdoor connection and basically take advantage of the surrounding views. In the […]

Friday 21 May, 2010

Elegant Canopy Bed with Ventilation System

<img src=" Canopy Bed with Ventilation System\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” /> Evening Breeze is a company from The Netherlands whose slogan is ‘creating a reality in which comfort, wealth and sustainability go hand in hand’. This chic canopy bed uses a cool(ing) technology which caught our interest. With the help of a remote, the user can […]

Friday 21 May, 2010

Butterfly Coffee Table by Svilen Gamolov

<img src=" Coffee Table by Svilen Gamolov\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” /> Butterflies are so delightful outside in the garden–why not incorporate their images indoors as well? From women young to old, the butterfly is a universal symbol of beauty, freedom, and rebirth. While color schemes and intensity levels vary from one person to another, modern decoration […]

Friday 14 May, 2010

Star Wars Wampa Rug : Spooky or Collectable?

<a href=" Wars Wampa Rug : Spooky or Collectable?&\”><img src=" Wars Wampa Rug : Spooky or Collectable?\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” />

Friday 14 May, 2010

Innovative Inox Radiators from Cordivari

<a href=" Inox Radiators from Cordivari&\”><img src=" Inox Radiators from Cordivari\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” />

Friday 14 May, 2010

Simulating Natural Light by Daniel Rybakken

<a href=" Natural Light by Daniel Rybakken&\”><img src=" Natural Light by Daniel Rybakken\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” />

Friday 14 May, 2010

Baboll Chair. Contemporary, Eccentric or Both?

<a href=" Chair. Contemporary, Eccentric or Both?&\”><img src=" Chair. Contemporary, Eccentric or Both?\” height=\”61\” width=\”51\” />