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Friday 20 September, 2013

Color-Enhanced Minimalism Showcased by Charming Taiwan Apartment

Photography by Ganna Studio

Friday 16 August, 2013

“House in House” Concept Delivered by Modern Living Project in Timisoara, Romania

This modern house envisioned by Andreescu & Gaivoronschi Associated Architects is built in a residential area in the north of Timisoara, Romania. Nearby, there is another Andreescu & Gaivoronschi house designed 13 years ago, which developed the same idea of a “house on a house”. It has to do with social phenomena typical for Italy and […]

Thursday 15 August, 2013

A.B. House / Andreescu & Gaivoronschi

Thursday 18 July, 2013

Eye-Catching Language School Design in Valencia by Masquespacio

Masquespacio completed the interior design for 2Day Languages, a Spanish school in Valencia, Spain. The space is developed on an area of 183 square meters and contains three classrooms, a staff room and a lounge. Each of the classrooms and common rooms are a defragmentation from the brand identity of 2Day Languages and also incorporate […]

Wednesday 12 June, 2013

Sculptural Blend of Wood and Glass: The Ettley Residence in California

Located just steps away from the ocean shore, The Ettley residence was inspied by its landscape and reinterprets the relationship between solid and voids, a concept you can find in the field of arts: “The Aluminum and wood umbrella over the blue glass, which appear to be blocks of frozen blue Pacific ocean, juxtapose against […]

Monday 29 April, 2013

Charming On Budget Family Cabin Surrounded by Woods in Wisconsin

Envisioned as a weekend retreat, the Stacked Cabin located in Wisconsin, USA is a modern version of a mountain-like cabin, designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects. The major difference between a regular cabin and this one is the structure itself. Instead of a classic roof and a discrete wooden dwelling, here we are, looking at a […]

Friday 26 April, 2013

Luxury Home in Texas: When Rustic Meets Modern

Reflecting the beautiful surroundings, the Country Hill residence, located in Austin, Texas is the pure expression of elegance and refinement. Spacious, sophisticated and with an amazing view, the house enhances the feeling of well-being. Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction managed to create an exquisite décor, showcasing that when it comes to a project of such importance, design […]

Thursday 11 April, 2013

Residential Pavilion Surrounded by Old Trees: New Canaan Residence

The New Canaan Residence developed by Specht Harpman in Connecticut, USA is an example of functional modern home design. A visual outdoor/indoor connectivity was the main aim of the architects: “By creating unassuming but direct paths into the dramatic glass entryway, Specht Harpman designed the house to welcome its owners and their visitors into what […]

Friday 22 March, 2013

Contemporary Home in Japan Integrating Real Trees in The Structure

The Garden Tree House is a project restored by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates in Kagawa, Japan. Seen from the outside, the house looks perfectly normal (it has a modern design, a straight neat façade and a beautiful zen garden surrounding it). The “anomaly” consists in a pair of trees (an Azelkova and a Camphor tree), with sentimental […]