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Tuesday 24 September, 2013

Weston Williamson unveils shape-shifting stadium for Brasilia

News: London studio Weston Williamson has won a competition to design a new athletics stadium for Brasilia with a concept for a shape-shifting structure that opens like a flower in response to wind direction and sunlight.

Tuesday 02 April, 2013

House in Sayo by FujiwaraMuro Architects

Boxy wooden rooms branch out from a crooked blue spine at this family house in Sayo, Japan, in our second story this week about the work of FujiwaraMuro Architects.

Thursday 28 March, 2013

House in Muko by FujiwaraMuro Architects

Huge vertical louvres give a pleated appearance to this family house in Kyoto by FujiwaraMuro Architects (+ slideshow). The louvred facade curves around the south-east edge of the house to follow the shape of a road running alongside. Two-storey-high windows are slotted between each of the louvres to allowing natural to filter evenly through the […]

Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Industrial Inspired Luxury House Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

The shores of the Pacific Ocean inspired the Mexican architect, Alberto Kalach to create an exceptional luxurious mansion with a stunning view, catching every sunrise and sunset, nearby the waters. The Atalaya project lies on a 1,100 square foot of ground, mixing in an impeccable way, basic materials used in the industrial design, such as […]

Thursday 11 October, 2012

ELEMENTAL: Incremental Housing and Participatory Design Manual

What began as an academic initiative to improve the quality of life of poor strata of the population has meanwhile become a professional “do tank” offering services that cover the entire spectrum of urban development. Alejandro Aravena (1967 Santiago de Chile) founded Elemental in 2001 in his hometown with the goal of alleviating social deprivation […]

Tuesday 18 September, 2012

Video: The late Pedro E. Guerrero speaking at the Julius Shulman Institute

Last April, we announced the opening of Pedro E. Guerrero: Photographs of Modern Life – a retrospective exhibition organized by the Julius Shulman Institute (JSI) at Woodbury University that honored the incredible life and career of the great 20th century architectural photographer, Pedro E. Guerrero (1917-2012). JSI was thankful to have Guerrero join the exhibition’s […]

Tuesday 18 September, 2012

Veilige Veste by KAW

Victims of human trafficking can find refuge behind the faceted walls of this sheltered housing block in the Netherlands by Dutch firm KAW (+ slideshow).

Saturday 15 September, 2012

Stripe House by GAAGA

Horizontal grooves create tactile stripes across the plaster-covered walls of this house in Leiden, the Netherlands, by architects GAAGA (+ slideshow). Named Stripe House, the three-storey residence is one of the 670 architect-designed homes being completed in the residential district masterplanned by architects MVRDV.

Tuesday 04 September, 2012

Greenhouse at Grüningen Botanical Garden by Buehrer Wuest Architekten

Steel trees with sprawling branches support the glass roof of this greenhouse in Switzerland by Buehrer Wuest Architekten (+ slideshow).

Wednesday 04 July, 2012

House of Cedar by Suga Atelier

The timber-framed rooms of this house in Osaka prefacture by Japanese architects Suga Atelier are on show to the street though a transparent facade. Above: photograph is by Yuko Tada