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Thursday 22 August, 2013

AD Interviews: Saskia Sassen

Click here to view the embedded video. Sociologist Saskia Sassen‘s researches and writes about the social, economic and political dimensions of globalization, immigration, and networked technologies in cities around the globe. Her books and writings—published in over sixteen languages—have sustained the interests of architects and planners who seek to better understand the city via the […]

Thursday 18 July, 2013

Movie: Campbell Sports Centre by Steven Holl Architects

We take a tour through the staircases, gyms and study areas of Steven Holl’s Campbell Sports Centre at Columbia University in the second of two movies by architectural filmmakers Spirit of Space. Steven Holl Architects designed the building as a combined athletics and study facility for students. The movie shows activity both inside and outside, […]

Thursday 18 July, 2013

“The concept was based on a football diagram” – Steven Holl on Campbell Sports Centre

Architect Steven Holl describes how the design for his new athletics centre at Columbia University was based on a diagram for a football strategy, in the first of two movies by architectural filmmakers Spirit of Space. Completed earlier this year, the Campbell Sports Centre is a five-storey building that is partly raised up on stilts, […]

Wednesday 17 July, 2013

Video: Steven Holl on Columbia University’s Campbell Sports Center

Click here to view the embedded video. Legendary American architect Steven Holl has collaborated again with Spirit of Space to produce two short videos on the recently completed Campbell Sports Center in New York City. While always compelling to hear an architect discuss a project, these videos integrate the architect’s narration with different dynamic shots of the […]

Wednesday 10 July, 2013

AD Interviews: Juan Herreros

Click here to view the embedded video. Juan Herreros is one of the most influential Spanish architects practicing today. Executing a delicate balance between his role defining the practice of architecture with work in the academy, he has not only overseen the construction of significant built projects, but also teaches at School of Architecture of […]