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Tuesday 10 January, 2012

Rock-a-Wow, Baby: 8 Futuristic Rocking Chairs

The term “rocking chair” typically brings to mind bucolic images of sleeping babies, contented grandparents and long afternoon naps.  Today’s roundup of futuristic rocking chairs, on the other hand, present an array of bold, sculptural escapades in creative design.  From the gleaming metallic stripes of Gareth Neal’s undulating masterpiece to the pretzel-like quality of the […]

Saturday 07 May, 2011

Natural Cotton Oeuf Organic Crib Mattress For Babies

Organic bedding may be a recent phenomena but  it is not a passing trend and will only gain more popularity over the coming years. Extremely popular among new mothers, organic linen and bedding is a healthier and safer option for babies. The Oeuf Organic Crib Mattress is also a quality product and has been designed […]

Thursday 16 December, 2010

In Need of a Notepad?

I’m ALWAYS reaching for a notepad- especially during this crazy time of year.  My daily to-do lists seem to be getting longer as the holidays approach.  Most of my clients want their homes spruced up before they host their annual holiday parties and prior to family coming in.  To put it simply, the last few […]

Saturday 04 December, 2010

The Tron Armchair Is a Real Piece of Furniture

Disney\’s Tron: Legacy movie is going to come to a cinema near you in a few days so get ready to bring some of that virtual yet magical universe back to your home. And it looks like designer Dror Benshetrit has a piece of furniture inspired by Tron: Legacy, the Tron Armchair for your living […]

Monday 08 November, 2010

Gift Ideas – Kinect Motion Control Gaming Peripheral from Microsoft

The holiday season is closing in and you must be surely looking for various gift ideas for your family and friends. The Kinect is such a gift idea as it\’s suitable for lots of people of all ages. Microsoft\’s latest Xbox 360 peripheral add-on that enables motion control gaming, similar to the Wii, or even […]

Saturday 06 November, 2010

Cloud Chair Comforts Children and Grown Ups Alike

Take a look at those angels sleeping in the clouds below! Aren\’t they just adorable? But the Cloud Chair will not only comfort small children and babies as it will also bring a smile to grown up faces. The Cloud Chair is a great seating solution for children of all ages and its shape will […]

Wednesday 08 September, 2010

Double7 Arcade Table Comes Equipped With A Gaming Console

The Double7 Arcade Table is every gamer\’s delight though we can\’t say the same thing about their poor partner! Don\’t be fooled by the simple facade as this contemporary table comes equipped with a fully upgradeable Shuttle PC, an elegant concealed screen and a radical control panel. The gaming table ships with a Wi-Fi adaptor, […]

Wednesday 26 May, 2010

Hip Furniture for Modern Babies : Roh Collection

The Roh Collection by Spot On Square is every modernist’s dream, giving your baby a true room with a view. Although its main feature is a transparent side made of 100% recyclable clear acrylic. Such original side allows you to see your baby and adds the unique touch to the crib’s look. The use of […]

Saturday 20 March, 2010

Elephant Poop Heels: Haute or Hurl?