Tuesday 01 March, 2011

Aluminium DNA-Shaped Light Sculpture: The PirOLED from OSRAM

OSRAM created a contemporary, unique light sculpture that incorporates the newest OLED- and LED technology available. With its undulating, creative shape, the PirOLED resembles a DNA structure that merges perfectly with a modern environment. According to the designers, “OLEDs offer a wide spectrum of design possibilities which the PirOLED system translates into outstanding versatility: each of the 5 OLED light panels can be differently adjusted and provides optimal, atmospheric lighting. No matter what the environment, the glare-free light panels have an effect similar to candlelight, while the outstanding design is complemented by its valuable materials. With their innovative technology and their shape inspired by a pirouette movement, they create a new definition of light, showing what is possible in the future – today.


Created with a special technology, the PirOLED creates a relaxing atmosphere that will guide your reading or working schedule while shining a candle flame resembling light on any chosen surface. The innovative design and intelligent combination of OLEDs and LEDs make the PirOLED from OSRAM a necessary, contemporary addition to your home or working space. A warm white light complements the brushed aluminium frame and a set of thin discs can be individually adjusted to create the perfect mood.







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