Monday 31 October, 2011

If Steve Jobs designed green products . . .

by Matt Grocoff, Esq. LEED

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Steve Jobs used design to change the world.  He created the products needed to get us to a future he imagined. Jobs brought us the iPod, iPhone and iPad to engage in the same basic functions as other products.

Jobs insisted that, like a refrigerator, Mac products were appliances; you shouldn’t need to know much to use one.

I found three energy-saving products while at the Greenbuild International Conference in Toronto last week that are worthy of your home and maybe of Steve Jobs’ love.

1.  ecobee Smart Thermostat

They’re are plenty of programmable thermostats on the market.  But, if the interface feels like you are looking for a secret passage in an old Donkey Kong game then they are useless.  The ecobee Smart Thermostat is designed so that you can actually use it.

2.  Philips AmbientLED

The Phillips AmbientLED is the first true LED replacement for a 60W incandescent light bulb.  It’s a got a warm 2700k color and a bright 800 lumen output.

Phillips AmbientLED

3.  Lutron Maestro Dimmer Switch / Vacancy Sensor

The Lutron Maestro is one of the first residential, consumer friendly dimmer switches that comes with a vacancy sensor.

Read the full article via OldHouseWeb

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