Friday 20 April, 2012

The Be All & End All: 10 Cool End Tables

Made of wood, glass, iron and nickel, today’s roundup of end tables runs the gamut from bright and bold to neutral and natural, but all serve a common purpose: to be the cherry on top of a nearly-complete living room.  When we need that one final surface on which to display a reading lamp, plant, object d’art or space to set a drink, in swoops the perfect little end table, providing one last piece of punctuation to finish off a room and make it complete.  These small fries are the unsung heroes of the living room renovation and redecoration process; they signify the end of a project — a denouement, if you will.  So set down that drink, put your feet up on its big brother the coffee table, and call it a day’s work already.


The Be All & End All: 10 Cool End Tables

Clara End Table from Baxton Studio

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