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Tuesday 06 May, 2014

Wooden sheds by Architekti DRNH offer gardening facilities for a Renaissance chateau

An old cobblestone street paves the way to this timber킠building complex, designed by Architekti DRNH for the upkeep of historic gardens in the grounds of a seventeenth-century Czech chateau (+ slideshow).

Tuesday 06 May, 2014

Dutch holiday home by Korteknie Stuhlmacher references farmhouses and barns

Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten has completed a family킠holiday home킠on an island south of Rotterdam, made up of barn-like structures that take their cues from local agricultural buildings (+ slideshow).

Monday 05 May, 2014

Studio 54 Architecture slots a small home between two London buildings

Cedar cladding and brickwork unite the exterior and interior of this two-bedroom house that Studio 54 Architecture has squeezed between two existing properties in north London.

Monday 05 May, 2014

Cliff House by Dualchas Architects offers panoramic views of a Scottish loch

This cliffside home by Dualchas Architects on the north-west coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye mixes silvery larch wood with traditional Scottish stone. Designed by Scottish firm킠Dualchas for a couple, Cliff House is킠a single-storey dwelling offering panoramic views of Loch Dunvegan in the picturesque setting within the킠Inner Hebrides.

Sunday 04 May, 2014

KSG adds textured walls to university chemistry lab in Aachen

Narrow indentations create the impression of brushstrokes across the grey plaster walls of a university chemistry facility in Germany, designed by Cologne firm Kister Scheithauer Gross (+ slideshow).

Saturday 03 May, 2014

Burkhard Architekten adds concrete wine-making facility to German village

The raw concrete exterior of this winery building in Germany, by local firm Burkhard Architekten, is in such contrast to its neighbours that local residents think the structure is still under construction (+ slideshow).

Saturday 03 May, 2014

Kohki Hiranuma plans “worlds first seamless glass structure” for Venice Biennale

Japanese architect Kohki Hiranuma plans to create a shell-like structure of “seamless glass” to curve around visitors at the킠Venice Architecture Biennale this summer.

Friday 02 May, 2014

Local Architectures Confignon House features concrete walls and a zig-zagging roof

This bulky concrete house on the outskirts of Geneva was designed by Swiss office Local Architecture with a jagged roofline that follows the slope of its hillside site.

Friday 02 May, 2014

Origami House by TSC Architects features a roof modelled on folded paper

Japanese studio킠TSC Architects modelled the roof of this house in Japan‘s Mie Prefecture on the folded paper shapes of origami (+ slideshow).

Friday 02 May, 2014

Yamazaki Kentaros Unfinished House offers little privacy to residents

There are barely any partitions between the rooms of this family house in킠Chiba Prefecture, Japan, which was designed by architect Yamazaki Kentaro as an open container that “changes as you design and live in it” (+ slideshow).