Wednesday 04 April, 2012

The 2012 Innovation Challenges: $100,000 To Change the World

The Monte Rosa Hut, winner of the 2010 Holcim Awards, relies on its own energy production, water collection, and systems for treating solid waste and waste water. © Holcim Awards

The Rockefeller Foundation is celebrating its centennial with a prize-winning challenge: you solve the most pressing problems of the next 100 years, and they’ll give you the cash to make your solution a reality.

The 2012 Innovation Challenges is calling 21st century problem solvers to tackle three major crises facing our planet:

  1. Decoding Data: how can we improve “the quality of life of poor or vulnerable communities in cities” through the application of data?
  2. Irrigating Efficiency: how can we improve irrigation, while preventing the depletion and pollution of freshwater resources, in the most efficient way possible?
  3. Farming Now: how can we encourage the next generation to enter/stay in the agriculture business (and hence ensure the sustainable production of a “safe, abundant, and affordable food supply”)?

The competition is an excellent opportunity for innovative architects to create real, world-changing designs. Of the 15 finalists, 9 will receive $100,000 grants and support to refine their ideas and develop funding proposals.

Applications close May 25th. Time to start solving.

More info at The Rockefeller Foundation’s site.

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