Wednesday 29 October, 2008

Storefront 961

This summer the a href=\”\”Storefront for Art and Architecture/a closed for restoration of its famous facade, designed by a href=\”\”Steven Holl/a and a href=\”\”Vito Acconci/a. Since its opening in 1993, the venue has been popular for its hinged panels on the facade and tapered space, as much as for the varied exhibitions the non-profit /br /img src=\”\” alt=\”storefront-demo.jpg\” /br /[Storefront for Art and Architecture interior | image a href=\”\” target=\”_blank\”source/a]br /br /I\’m a fan of the space and the exhibitions. The project\’s been a href=\”\”featured/a on a href=\”\”each/a of my a href=\”\”web pages/a. And while I\’ve yet to see the newly restored facade, I couldn\’t help post something in the meantime. So here\’s the a ground floor plan of the space, taken from a a href=\”\” target=\”_blank\”PDF/a on the Strorefront\’s web /br /img src=\”\” alt=\”storefront-plan.jpg\” /

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