Tuesday 17 January, 2012

Spliced Towers / AQSO Arquitectos

© AQSO Arquitectos

The project by AQSO Arquitectos, a high density residential complex in Guangyuan, China, is conceived as a strong element in consonance with the surrounding hilly scene. The buildings rise over the landscape becoming a milestone, a sober and expressive landmark. This massing makes it possible to archive the desired plot ratio and increases the green areas on the ground, minimizing the building footprint. More images and architects’ description after the break.

© AQSO Arquitectos

In order to optimize the ventilation and natural illumination of the units, the block width has been fixed to 12.5m, improving the quality of the space and establishing a comprehensive structural system for the buildings and the parking located in the basement.

© AQSO Arquitectos

The final massing of the master plan takes into account the site conditions and the orientation of the buildings. In order to minimize the number of cores in the complex and for giving a unique and urban image to the units located on the north east side, the project combines block of apartments and towers. The orientation of the blocks follows the North – South axe, while the towers follow an orientation based on the views towards the city and the mountains.


The building façade combines a domestic and sober feeling. The block elevation highlights the slabs of the building in order to strength the horizontal appearance. A series of vertical louvers cover the space between the slabs in a random arrangement, giving the users the freedom of controlling the sunlight exposure.

site plan

In reaction to the rigid and rational layout of the blocks, the landscape is based on a flexible and organic circulation. Several courtyards between the blocks are connected by a loop that gives a domestic scale to the areas where the resident’s facilities are located. This secondary circulation is then connected by straight diagonal roads linking the focal points of the site.


The result is an elastic layout expressing the different character and importance of the roads. The green areas have been treated with a natural landscape where different types of vegetation define the identity and use of each space.

Architects: AQSO Arquitectos
Location: Guanyuan, China
Local Partner: GP&D
Engineering: LKS Ingeniería, S. Coop
Area: 11,0000 sqm

Spliced Towers (1) © AQSO Arquitectos Spliced Towers (2) © AQSO Arquitectos Spliced Towers (3) © AQSO Arquitectos Spliced Towers (4) model Spliced Towers (5) site plan Spliced Towers (6) plan Spliced Towers (7) elevations Spliced Towers (8) room layout 01 Spliced Towers (9) room layout 02 Spliced Towers (10) room layout 03 Spliced Towers (11) diagram 01 Spliced Towers (12) diagram 02

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