Thursday 29 March, 2012

New York City Theatre / David Vecchi & Emanuela Ortolani

© David Vecchi

The project of the New York City Theatre, designed by David Vecchi & Emanuela Ortolani, stems from the intent to promote the independent play and recover the pioneer spirit that distinguished Broadway at the beginning. Exhibited in the ESA gallery as part of the Selon du Dessin in Paris, The proposal is for a mixed-use building that, in addition to the main function of theater, welcome inside offices and residences. More images and architects’ description after the break.

© David Vecchi

Underlying this choice there is an economic reason. Given the high price of land in Manhattan, is convenient, in order to maximize the potential value of the plot, thicken a greater number of functions within a single building. Part of the proceeds, due to the sale or rental of the real estate units will also have the basic task of funding the theatrical activity as long as the entire structure will not become economically independent and therefore able to provide a genuinely free and really unconditional cultural activity.

New York City Theatre (1) © David Vecchi
New York City Theatre (2) © David Vecchi
New York City Theatre (3) site
New York City Theatre (4) plans
New York City Theatre (5) diagrams
New York City Theatre (6) exploded view
New York City Theatre (7) competition panel

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