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Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park / YanKang Wang, ShuYan Wang, Yuan Lin, JingRong Zhong


The Europan 11 proposal for the science park in Ingolstadt, Germany received an honorable mention in the competition. Dominated by technology and science, the intent of YanKang Wang, ShuYan Wang, Yuan Lin, and JingRong Zhong is to create a fresh urban development concept for this city, which is based on the cooperation of industry and academia. Under the theme of innovative living and working, environmentally friendly technology and renewable energy will be applied by creating a new settlement model. However, in this way the city inhabitants will be initiated simultaneously how to live in a future way with the existing resources. More images and architects’ description after the break.

science park future situation

Landscape Concept

We propose the lower building density and it is supposed to be a re-cultivated area. The landscape elements dominate the entire park. The Science Park, together with all its architectural elements represents a scenic green city park for the public. Concept of the curvy cincture as landscape appearance is inspired from its surroundings: the natural forms of waters, paths and forests.


Building Concept

The Architectural structure serves as landscape elements: residential buildings are packed with green creeping plants partially. The cylindrical shape is the basic structural element for the entire Science Park, which was reminiscent of the old industrial oil-refining time. By converting the oil tanks and old buildings into those residential and public facilities, the architectural structure plays along with the buildings to scheme out special ecological symbiosis in its fresh urban appearance.

master plan

Accessibility and Traffic

The main accesses to the north Science Village are the Kaelberschuettstrasse and the Eriagstrasse. The traffic in the southern Science Park is integrated with Audi Sport Park. For the sake of changing auto city into green, all deliveries are arranged to the fastened green area, and parking garages are built under the green islands, all accesses lead to the building entrance directly.

site plan

The footpath functions in a three-dimensional network way, which serves the inhabitants by building important connection between the western parts of the city and the nature reserve on the east. A science-bus system with Eco-electronic-power spreads in Science Park.


Public Space Concept

During the process soil remediation, an artificially reformed slope, a center island and a lake will be taken into the exploitation plan. Creeping plant walls standing onto the northern slope, playgrounds, pavilions and kindergarten intersperse among the residential buildings. Parking garages distribute under the center island and the technical center. Several oil tanks are remained for the further utilization, not only as landscape elements as well as light shaft in the green islands.


Energy Concept

The majority of the re-cultivated areas serves as fields for the energy crops later, such as clover, which can be applied as biomass material, or solar energy, which is collected from over the surface of the light shaft above the garages.

Science Village

In the north, the punctiform cylindrical residential buildings are outside-oriented, and runned by renewable energy such as biomass, solar technology and rain water collection system. In prospect, the population in Ingolstadt is getting increasing by 400-700 person /per year. It is due to the anticipation on the economic growth in automobile industry in the world market, as well as the oil industry’s demand on work force. Under this background the potential requirement on living area permanently exists. According to our statistics, to exploit cooperation’s possibility between the city and industrial sectors is current urban urgent issue. In such area dwelling apartments are properly planed in our blue print for the staff and researchers.

Science Park

In the south, office buildings and research center are low circular buildings and a cylindrical oil tank will be built in a cylinder shape. On the central lake, outdoor events and concerts are going to take place. In the south, office and research buildings together with restaurants and cafes, will supply comfortable working space for employees and scholars. Oil tanks as monumental existing find their own value by converting into oil museum to display the history of oil concern and the urban industrial development in the past.

Architecture Team: YanKang Wang, ShuYan Wang, Yuan Lin, JingRong Zhong
Location: Ingolstadt, Germany
Project Name: Science Park
Status: Honorable Mention, Competition, Europan 11
Site of Project: 75ha
Year: 2011

Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (1) science park future situation
Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (2) village
Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (3) park
Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (4) master plan
Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (5) site plan
Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (6) program
Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park (7) diagram

Europan 11 Proposal: Science Park / YanKang Wang, ShuYan Wang, Yuan Lin, JingRong Zhong originally appeared on ArchDaily, the most visited architecture website on 24 Feb 2012.

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