Monday 09 May, 2011

AD Recommends: Best of the Week


© Iwan Baan

Houses, museums and forgotten Yugoslavian monuments. All part of our selection of the best from last week. Check them all after the break.

Concrete Slit House / AZL architects
Concrete Slit House is a contemporary concrete residence enmeshed within a quiet Kuomingtang-era neighborhood in central Nanjing. The entire structure and roof are made from concrete pressed into a custom mould, handmade from five-centimeter horizontal wood strips to remain in scale with the adjacent century-old brick buildings (read more…)


© Daniel Malhão

Sines Center for the Arts / Aires Mateus
The building is situated at the start of the main street linking the town to the sea and marking the traditional entrance to the historic nucleus. The Centre subsumes diverse activities capable of generating an exceptional building: exhibition rooms, a library, cinema-cum-theatre and a documentation centre. The wide-raging program calls for the whole plot to be occupied, enveloping the street below mean ground level and adapting its exterior volumetry to the monumental scale of the castle walls (read more…)



Yugoslavia Forgotten Monuments
Commissioned by former Yugoslavian president, Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place, these now forgotten structures stand empty and without the significance it once had decades ago. Designed by different sculptors and architects, the strong and powerful blending of art and architecture come together in these monuments to convey the sense of confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic (read more…)


© Roland Halbe Fotografie

Moritzburg Museum Extension / Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
The ancient castle of Moritzburg in the city of Halle is a very valuable example of Gothic military architecture, typical of Germany at the end of the 15th century. Its turbulent history has inevitably been reflected in the many alternations it has undergone over the years. But despite these, the building still keeps the original structure of its main architectural features: the surrounding wall, three of the four round towers at the corners and the central courtyard (read more…)


© Simon Deprez

DOX / K-architectures
This multi-story student residence hall, designed by K-architectures, accommodates 234 apartments. The design consists of three separate buildings connected through a series of delightful external staircases (read more…)

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